Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shit, shit, shit

I really can't handle my job right now. I feel like contriving ways of getting fired just because it'd be entertaining. That, and I'm really stressed and secretly want to leave this place forever.


Waple said...

I wonder how much you dislike your job compared to me and mine. There are times I get really tired of coming home and still having work to do after 10 or 11 hours at school. And I kind of hate getting up at 6:15 every morning.

What do you hate about your job?

Thom said...

Hmmmmmm... for me it's more circumstantial. Here's a quick list:

-Due to recent layoffs, I've been assigned the job of a clerk who got layed off in addition to all my other responsibilities.

-Due to my added responsibilities, I'll no longer have time to write music reviews - the one thing I actually looked forward to about my job.

-Due to recent layoffs, I'm going to have to work Saturday nights and, if I ever want a Saturday night off, I'll have to settle for split weekends (Sunday and Tuesday off).

-The Sun-Times News Group is collapsing, which means there's not only no chance at promotions and raises; there's no job security.

-The workplace is filled with negative vibes these days, and there's a general sense of elitism on the part of my editorial desk that disgusts me. Everyone is taking their job too seriously, which creates an unnecessarily stressful environment.

That's all I can think of right now, but I know there's more. I actually created a pros and cons list of sorts and weighed it against my other options. An immediate transition to a new job and/or grad school is inevitable if I am to improve my life.

jp said...

I'm not going to touch this for my job, but I definitely have been right where you are, Thom. All the extra work, negativity, and the time of year are a bit of a perfect storm for a lack of job satisfaction.

Yuk. Sorry to hear you're there, dude. Tough it out if you can- for me, I found that I just needed to talk to the guy in charge to see what he was doing about what everyone was so unhappy about. If he has a reasonable list, you'll know that this is just an "off" time and you'll have some quantifiable changes to look forward to by X date. If they don't happen, ditch.

My two pennies, anyway.