Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just 'cuz this is funny...

I will not lie. I was invited to join this group on the facebook. ("If I have a daughter, she will never look like this..)

The officers are just as hilarious..

"How much cock did you suck to get that smirk on your face?" - Jennifer Miller

"Get that dazzle purse out of my face or I'm gonna burn it." - Cara Smith

"Chuck Norris should give you a roundhouse kick to your overly made-up face." - Mandy Jones

"In India, we don't even recognize you as a person." - Kumar Dhruva Aggarwal

Hope you're all coming for New Year's.. it's official- check your e-mail!

JP out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

super sweeeeeet!

YES! Everyone needs to come to chicago for new year's eve!!! Chicago totally rocks 'cause I'm here! as well as brad, thom, waple, and ben. Woooo party in chicago! This is perfect 'cause I just got new champagne glasses, and cool new coasters that are made out of shiny tinsel and they're sooo cool and now we can use them! I'm so excited.

New Year's?

Sooo... what's everyone's new year's plans?

I was thinking it might be super sweet if I drove up to Chicagoland (my family is a two-car one now!), and we could all meet and do something totally crazy and awesome.

I could collect Mike Conway and Matt Fararhahellenee, and anyone else who would be in town, we could soccermom it in the family minivan up to Chicago, then do whatever we will.

No Rob, not little boys- but something cool.

Basically, I'm looking for a massive S(C)G reunion. If not New Year's, SOON. Suggestions/thoughts?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Roll Call

So, where is everyone now anyway?

Me, I'm still in Madison WI doing that grad school thing. Talk about a never-ending life as a student. Say I went to pre-school or something when I was around 5, that means I've been in school for 20 years. What? Yeah, twenty years! What do I have to show for it? Well, some pieces of paper proclaiming I completed some degrees. There is more to it than that though. Academic pursuits seem to mesh well with my personal outlook. Anyway, how many of you are thinking about/planning for/already doing grad school? Continuing school can be a great thing, or just a horrible pain. Sometimes it is both.

Oh, for you math wiz kids out there, yes, I hit QC this year!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

SG rocks my socks

yay I miss smith ground. Remember when I put troll versions of everyone on the wall with speech bubbles? I'm such a dork, I can't believe you guys humored me and went along with it.
I'm coming to b-town this weekend, hope to see those of you who are still there. Wooo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I just had to point out that those of us in Bloomington just received the most bogus string of weather happenings in the last 36 hours: 3 tornado warnings, two severe thunderstorms, flooding, and SNOW.

Dubble you tee eff.

dude, check her out.

She's got hyuj...... blogs. Frickin HYUJ blogs. (I mean boobs) For whatever reason I find this hilarious amusing. I'm going to add "blogs" to the list of slang for boobs.

I'm 14,

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

oh, and...

That picture is perfect for this blog! Who took it? I want copies. It looks like it might have been taken before an awesome birthday celebration...?

Random smith ground memory: the time Rob and I got really mad at each other over something I don't recall so I poured water in his shoes that were outside his room and then foolishly ran into my own room away from his wrath, leaving my shoes behind which rob promptly poured coke into. ASS.

first time blogger

Hi, first time blogger, long time admirer. So... what does this thing do? I could figure it out myself but I don't exactly have all the time in the world. And isn't this a google creation? God I love google, if only I'd bought the stock when it was at 170 when I'd wanted to... here's good advice to you all: invest in google and china. It's like putting your money under a copy machine. Hooray! On a similar note, I've invested in China's Google. It has yet to make me money. Patience, laddy. Patience. Hope you're all well.

This guy

Thursday, November 10, 2005


P.S.-Rob's a sailor. OOOOOOH, hiiiiii!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pop the top!



Diamond! Brilliant!

I know I just posted on here, but I had something else I wanted to share with you all that I thought deserved it's own entry.

Since you can't hear my music from down the hall anymore and come over to ask me what that fuckin' badass song is, I figured I'd start the online equivalent of that here and let you all know what music i'm excited about.

With that said, I hope you all know the greatness that is "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon", "Forever in Blue Jeans" and "Lonely Lady #17" (not to mention other classics) by Neil Diamond. Lord knows I loved those songs until I made my mom and dad's copy of his Greatest Hits skip and now that he has a new album out I have something to live for again.

Mr. Diamond's new album 12 Songs, which was released yesterday, is one of lyrical restraint and maturity. Mostly comprised of candid words and Neil's own strummings (this is special because he's been using a studio guitarist for a while now), you can't help but feel like this wonderful man wrote these songs simply to share his knowledge of life with you over cigarettes and a bottle of whisky. (Did I mention the album was produced by Rick Rubin?)

If you still think this is some kind of joke, go to Neil's myspace site, friend him up and down, and hear the album for yourself. Just listen to his honesty and you'll believe all over again.

Digital Bling

What up, bling?

I'm expecting this blog to get some love worn edges, like a good book or your favorite porno mag. It will probably also get Old Crow spilled all over it, like most anything on Smith-Bling proper. Let the dirty pixels fly!


This is so exciting! This is Emily! You might remember me from crashing John's party or being the best RA you ever had! What is everyone doing? I am in my hometown after a crazy summer in NYC. But I miss you all and am excited about this b-l-o-g. heart.

Such a nerd.

John, you're such a nerd. I think that's why we all love ya. Anyhoo, good idea.

New Business:
Profits are up. Employee output is up. Hiring department is attempting to locate a demographic for more assets. Also no longer being sued by Anotherbigcorporationincompetitionwith us. The business was taken care of, so to speak. We won't be hearing from them any time soon.

We also need to contact the Manager and the Secretary of SCG. They both were located in different branches of the office. (they were girls).

"Sincerity - The truthfullness lies above and beyond and profits gained. "
~Poster on the Company Lawyer's Wall


Check out my gravel pit

It's the pit I keep my gravel in. Natch.


Perfect! At last something to persuade me away from Facebook, and Hi5, and homework...


Good idea. Here's my first ever, lamest ever, blog post!

What ever became of SG anyway?


Yeah Smith Ground! In my heart and mind, always.

And I think this is a most excellent idea.

Welcome to Smith Ground (again)

Welcome to the smith ground blog, for "that group" from "that year."

I was talking with Thom a couple of weeks ago and realized that we really needed to make an effort to keep everyone in the loop with each other... me being the technology dupe, I figured this would be good. A central place for everyone to post their stuff to.

I can set it up so any number of people can post to it, so I'll make sure to add as many people as possible, but first you have to create an account... I think. More on that later, but I just wanted to at least have something here to welcome you all. If this is a terrible idea, we don't have to use it, but I can totally see this becoming the new swaptop - post yer pictures, files, and life updates all over this thang.