Tuesday, December 13, 2005

super sweeeeeet!

YES! Everyone needs to come to chicago for new year's eve!!! Chicago totally rocks 'cause I'm here! as well as brad, thom, waple, and ben. Woooo party in chicago! This is perfect 'cause I just got new champagne glasses, and cool new coasters that are made out of shiny tinsel and they're sooo cool and now we can use them! I'm so excited.

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Waple said...

Eh hem, may I ask why I come THIRD in the hierarchy of who lives in Chicago? "brad, thom, ...waple, and ben!" It should be "WAPLE! ... and bradandthomandben... and WAPLE AGAIN!"
All seriousness aside, I'm up for a party. I've gotten some better drinking shoes now that I've been in mexico. You see, you go to these parties called "fiestas" or "posadas" and then you drink this magical potion called "tequila" and then it resurfaces again in about 3 hours in a less magical potion called "I puked on my shoes".
It's a lot of fun.