Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am so proud and excited to say that today I found out that I will be placed on an improv team at Improv Olympic. It is the second-best known improv company in Chicago, the US, and arguably, the world. It is something I've been hoping for for about a decade and it means A LOT to me. People come from hundreds of miles away and move their lives to take classes at this place so they can have a chance at performing there. It is the result of a total of about six years of improv classes, reading the improv bible about eight times, and thousands of dollars.

What do I get out of it? Starting in around January, I'll get to perform with a group of people that I've known the past year and a half one night a week in front of paying audience members, I'll get to see any shows for free, and I'll get to interact and work with people I've admired for years. And anyone that's ever thought I sucked at anything, if they see me on stage they can basically just shove it. Please come see me perform so you can share in my joy. Just do it on a night that we don't suck as a group. Cause that can still happen, easily.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I need some new music

Does anyone have any they can recommend?

I'm interested in the following, but will take other stuff. Thom, I'm looking in your direction particularly as you're usually the one who reads this and also because you have been my best source for new music.

1) I heard the Walkmen's album "You and Me" is pretty good.
2) I want MGMT's first album "Oracular Spectacular"
3) There's still some Modest Mouse I don't have
4) I need more of The Smiths & Morrissey
5) Likewise for Mos Def and Of Montreal
6) Blind Melon's "Soup"
7) More of the Black Keys (all I have is "Magic Potion)
8) Anything else that you think is great

I need the music because my life sucks right now thanks to my job. New music fuels my fire and I haven't had any new fuel for a while.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

You can't make this stuff up.

From the Trib:
"A man described as mentally unstable stopped his pickup truck in rural, out-of-the-way spots in Illinois and Indiana, randomly asking strangers questions about honeybees before opening fire".

I wish I was there to see it.
Man: "You know honeybees? They're weird."
Stranger: Whatever you say.
Man: DIE [takes gun out].

The Lo(a)ner

Dear *Insert Student Loan Company Name*:

Why, oh why, do you think I have money? I selected "income-contingent" because I thought you would realize I don't have a lot of money, but apparently you like getting all theoretical, annualizing money that I don't have, nay, never will have each year as you estimate the "fair" payments I should make each month. Hopefully, my latest letter to you will clear things up. Thank you for your time. And yes, I refuse to be your friend, you lo(a)ner.

The Borrower

P.S.-Somewhere stored away in a closet there is a piece of paper that I paid way too much money for and now I can't make a profit off it. It would've been a good investment had the economy decided to remain healthy. Bummer, just a bummer.