Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I need some new music

Does anyone have any they can recommend?

I'm interested in the following, but will take other stuff. Thom, I'm looking in your direction particularly as you're usually the one who reads this and also because you have been my best source for new music.

1) I heard the Walkmen's album "You and Me" is pretty good.
2) I want MGMT's first album "Oracular Spectacular"
3) There's still some Modest Mouse I don't have
4) I need more of The Smiths & Morrissey
5) Likewise for Mos Def and Of Montreal
6) Blind Melon's "Soup"
7) More of the Black Keys (all I have is "Magic Potion)
8) Anything else that you think is great

I need the music because my life sucks right now thanks to my job. New music fuels my fire and I haven't had any new fuel for a while.


Thom said...

I got the hookup. Check your e-mail!

Waple said...

What do you think of The Arcade Fire? I've heard raving reviews of them recently. I know they've been around a little while now, but I never knew anything of them and for some reason thought they were more "emo." However, I heard a song on the radio today that I loved from "Suburbs" and loved it, and didn't know it was them (as I didn't know what they sounded like) until the DJ said it afterward. If you have some to share, I'd love to check them out too.