Thursday, March 30, 2006

dear smith ground...

Holy crap my grad school campus is spectacular. I finally made up my mind that I'm going to Loyola University Chicago in the fall to do my masters in social work, so I went to go check out the campus today. Holy crap. The school of social work is in a building called the Lewis Towers, and on the first floor of the building is the Hershey's Store!!!! AND right across the street is the Ghirardelli chocolate store!!! AAAND, across the street the other way is the Godiva chocolate store!!!!! :::droooool:::, sooooo excited. I'm gonna eat so much chocolate next year. Oh, not to mention the campus is located next to Water Tower on Michigan Ave., the most AMAZING shopping area in chicago. And there's also a Cheesecake Factory across the street as well, in case I feel like eating cheesecake one day instead of just chocolate.
I know you're all soooo jealous, haha!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey all

Hey guys,
Damn glad to hear from you- maybe this will help me keep in touch a little better. Which is something I'm really horrible at, as you can probably tell. If you've been trying to contact me, I no longer have my email- I am now . That, and yes, I too have become a myspace whore... apparently no one is immune. .
So what's been up? I've just been working my crappy photography job and looking for something that I don't hate to do for a living. Hopefully I will find something soon. I really, really miss you guys. So when we getting together this summer?
If anyone can make it to Thom's book release in a couple days, say hi and congrats for me (I'm brokeass and can't make it).
Keep in touch,

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Man arrested in robbery at Peoples Bank

whaaaaaatttt? can someone tell me if this is the maggy baurley we all know and love?


Ryan P. Mobley, 21, taken into custody after appearing at hearing on other charges
By James Boyd
812/331-4370 |
March 15, 2006

In the past week, Detective Sarah Carnes has cracked more cases than a luggage salesman.

The latest came Tuesday morning, with the arrest of a man accused of robbing the Peoples State Bank, 200 E. Kirkwood Ave., on March 2.

Ryan P. Mobley, 21, faces a preliminary charge of robbery after he was taken into custody at the Monroe County Justice Building, where he was appearing Tuesday morning on unrelated felony charges.

Bloomington police Detectives Carnes and Kevin Hill went to the Justice Building Tuesday after receiving several tips that Mobley had committed the robbery.

The callers said that Mobley had been bragging about getting away with the robbery, and had been flashing around several thousand dollars, Bloomington Police Department Detective Sgt. David Drake said.

Detectives pulled a previous mug shot of Mobley from the county’s electronic database and compared it with a surveillance tape taken from the robbery.

Drake said the mug shot was then given to one of the bank’s tellers, who identified Mobley out of a photo lineup.

Carnes tried to track Mobley down, but had a hard time doing so, since Mobley had no permanent address listed.

She checked court records and found Mobley had a court date Tuesday morning, where he was appearing on charges of forgery and theft.

Immediately following the hearing, Mobley was taken into custody and brought to Bloomington police headquarters for questioning.

There he denied any involvement in the incident, and provided an alibi. But Drake said authorities had checked out Mobley’s alibi and determined it to be false.

Carnes also investigated Friday’s robbery of the Regions Bank on College Mall Road. Margaret S. Baurley, 21, was arrested early Sunday morning in connection with that heist.

Authorities are still searching for the man who robbed the Monroe Bank on West Third Street Jan. 25.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I fail at bdays, and bats

So I wanna apologize for being a slacker at celebrating birthdays this semester. I totally didn't do anything for mike's or rick's back in january, and this past wednesday was whitney's and I had this great plan to put a post on the blog saying happy bday so everyone could respond and send him bday wishes, but unfortunately there is a bat flying around my basement waiting to suck my blood. How does this relate, you ask? Well the computer with internet is located in the basement, and when I was descending the steps on monday to check my email after work, a freaky winged creature was flying around in circles at the bottom of the steps, waiting for me. I screamed and quickly ran upstairs, closing the door behind me, trapping the bat in the basement. Apparently I'm scared to death of bats and I had no idea, since I'd never seen one before. And since my parents are in vegas all week, I'm on my own to defend myself from it. So logically, my solution was to not go into the basement ever ever again. That would've been fine if the wireless internet on my mom's laptop, located upstairs, hadn't failed, leaving me without access to this blog on whitney's bday, and the only way to fix it would be to go into the basement with the bat, unplug and replug all the cables and restart the computer. So that's why I couldn't wish whitney a happy bday on wednesday.
However, I've been taking baby steps to get over my fear of the bat, whom I've named Martin. Everyday while he's sleeping I've been going downstairs and looking at him, and taking a couple steps closer and closer, and today I finally made it all the way over to the computer to fix the internet problem. So here I am, on the basement computer typing this entry while Martin is sleeping a mere few yards away from me, hanging from a window shudder. He actually looks kinda cute. I'm still not brave enough to shove him in a box and take him upstairs and throw him out the front door though, maybe tomorrow when my parents come back.
But anyway, shout out to all the march birthdays, whitney, john, steve, and also the jan and feb bdays I missed: ricky, mike, and randall. And most importantly, chuck norris, who's bday is today.