Friday, March 10, 2006

I fail at bdays, and bats

So I wanna apologize for being a slacker at celebrating birthdays this semester. I totally didn't do anything for mike's or rick's back in january, and this past wednesday was whitney's and I had this great plan to put a post on the blog saying happy bday so everyone could respond and send him bday wishes, but unfortunately there is a bat flying around my basement waiting to suck my blood. How does this relate, you ask? Well the computer with internet is located in the basement, and when I was descending the steps on monday to check my email after work, a freaky winged creature was flying around in circles at the bottom of the steps, waiting for me. I screamed and quickly ran upstairs, closing the door behind me, trapping the bat in the basement. Apparently I'm scared to death of bats and I had no idea, since I'd never seen one before. And since my parents are in vegas all week, I'm on my own to defend myself from it. So logically, my solution was to not go into the basement ever ever again. That would've been fine if the wireless internet on my mom's laptop, located upstairs, hadn't failed, leaving me without access to this blog on whitney's bday, and the only way to fix it would be to go into the basement with the bat, unplug and replug all the cables and restart the computer. So that's why I couldn't wish whitney a happy bday on wednesday.
However, I've been taking baby steps to get over my fear of the bat, whom I've named Martin. Everyday while he's sleeping I've been going downstairs and looking at him, and taking a couple steps closer and closer, and today I finally made it all the way over to the computer to fix the internet problem. So here I am, on the basement computer typing this entry while Martin is sleeping a mere few yards away from me, hanging from a window shudder. He actually looks kinda cute. I'm still not brave enough to shove him in a box and take him upstairs and throw him out the front door though, maybe tomorrow when my parents come back.
But anyway, shout out to all the march birthdays, whitney, john, steve, and also the jan and feb bdays I missed: ricky, mike, and randall. And most importantly, chuck norris, who's bday is today.


jp said...

Sara, I'm impressed at your confidence and bravery in dealing with Martin!

You've got nothing to worry about; you don't "fail" at birthdays (we're all failing- you've been the only one keeping it together), and apparently you don't fail at bats, either. After all, you seem to becoming fast friends.

I still hope you're able to get him out of the house soon- I'm sure he doesn't want to be there any more than you want to have him in.

I will say this makes for a great story, though.

Praise Chuck Norris on his day of celebration. I am proud to be so close to his day of honor.

jp said...

Oh, also- when you publish your post, you may have to click on "republish entire blog" or something.

I logged in when you sent me that e-mail and saw that your post was saved, it just hadn't been actually written out to the main blog. Weird.

So, you don't fail at computers, either. Woo, you!

shinysara said...

update on the Martin saga: My parents arrived home from Vegas later that night, already aware there was a bat in the basement 'cause I had called and told them. So while I was still at work, my dad went downstairs, saw Martin sleeping, wrapped him up in a towel, took him outside on the driveway, and STOMPED on him!!!! Holy crap, how unnecessary was that?!? He could have just let him go, but noooooooo, my dad just had to be a cold-blooded murderer and kill my best friend :-(