Thursday, August 16, 2007

sara's annual update

howdy all, aka the 4 people who still read this...
Nothing totally new or exciting to report, I'm just super pumped to start my last year of grad school! This year my internship is in an alternative high school for kids with behavior or emotional problems who couldn't handle the mainstream high school. So I'll actually be doing one-on-one therapy with my own clients and leading group therapy every week, I'm so excited! I just hope I don't screw up their lives too much. So that's what I'll be doing monday wednesday friday, and then tuesday thursday I have class. I'm also still working at the Warming House Youth Center one or two nights a week (a drop-in center for teenagers to hang out or talk confidentially about stuff). So like waple, I'm on the verge of becoming pretty busy, although less busy than I was last year 'cause I'm not a graduate assistant at school anymore. I'm definitely looking forward to graduating in may so I can finally move out of my parents' house!
This summer's been super fun, I was taking two summer school classes and working like 15 hours a week, and just chilling the rest of the time. Lollapalooza was definitely a highlight, DaftPunk rocked my socks. I also started taking dance classes again after a 2 year hiatus, which has done wonders for my self esteem and confidence, it's nice to have a hobby again and feel like I have a life and talents outside of school and social work. I've been doing ballet, hiphop, pole dancing, and I'm about to start belly dancing. I finally got a new phone yesterday so I can make and receive phone calls again! (the old one was dropping calls every 2 minutes). Ummm I can't think of anything else exciting right now. I look forward to seeing everyone sometime in the future!

Friday, August 03, 2007

teaching and friends

So I'm gonna begin my professional career in about three weeks, so if no one hears from me, it'll be because teaching will be eating up my life. I'm enjoying the last couple weeks of my summer in a tempered fashion, since weekends don't really belong to anything but worry anymore. It's basically going to be a coordinated car crash, and I'm like the new stunt driver on the block. First, I'm coaching soccer and I haven't even played for9 years, at which point I was only good enough for the freshman B team. NOTE: I'm coaching the freshman B team.
Second, I'm teaching two classes I've never taught before: Psychology and Chicago History. They'll both be interesting and they have their upsides, but I'm just going to be happy in a year when I move out and don't have to worry about going back to a catholic school for another year. I'm just ready to retire, I think. All this thinking about work has really exhausted me. I've even done some prep work and I haven't even gotten paid for it! Ahhh I'm a teacher. What did I sign up for? So if I don't talk to you all much in the next year, that's why. I really want to, but God kinda will own my soul. For once.
I'm tired, so I'm heading to bed. I hope everyone's doing well, especially you, Ben, since I hear from you least often.