Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey, remember that time when Mike kicked in Rob's door?

Or that time when Brad's room was filled with balloons?

Or that time I disappeared, twice?

Or... you get the point.

I miss college.

Yah, I am Hans, De Fastest Rider-Vou Shoult All Let Me Ride My Bicycle in Circles, Yah?

Here's a letter I almost submitted to the IDS- I'm still on the fence about it because the rule has been officially instituted at this point..under the noses of the masses, as usual. That's how we do things at IU.

Back 30 years ago, you might say the little 500 was in the height of its participation on campus. 80+ teams each year would attempt to qualify in what is known internationally as the “world’s greatest college weekend.” It’s the reason students go crazy almost the full week leading up to the two races, taking part in drinking heavily and attending concerts with big headliners. The traditions surrounding the race are steeped heavily in the structure and rules laid out in its formation in 1919.

IUSF has come into question with recent changes to the race’s format- last year’s repeated changing of the gearing of bikes for the women’s race, disqualification of the director of Team Major Taylor, and now the biggest change yet- allowing category 1 and 2 riders to enter the race (ids articles 1|2). The United States Cycling Federation, which licenses most cyclists in the country, has 5 categories- once a rider wins enough races to get to a 1 or 2 status, they’re considered “professional.” Until now, only categories 3 to 5 were allowed in the race.

The issues here are many- the first being that the rule itself makes exception for the very people trying to institute it, as they either already fall under category 2 status or will next year. The rider’s council is dominated by top-tier teams, which is hardly representative of the array of riders who participate each year- how can this change be made without the rule-makers only benefiting themselves? Even if a change like this is implemented, the appropriate thing to do is to implement it retroactively.

Finally, consider the changes the rule itself makes. In more recent years, the field has barely been able to be filled for the women’s race and only ends up cutting a few extra teams from those who attempt to qualify in the men’s. Cycling has gotten more advanced- it’s getting harder for new teams to enter the race and be successful, and now they want new riders to try and compete with professionals?

The foundations of this race were not to rocket athletes into cycling fame. It was about a group of guys, riding around a building in the Collins (MRC) courtyard. What a way to disgrace Howdy Wilcox and everyone else who helped root and grow the little 500 into what it is today.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Engarde! I am writing stuff. I have accepted your challenge. But to what end? I'll tell you what end! Some other time. Right now I have to find that piece of floss which is always hiding in the dark recesses of my mind. You know that one? Maybe not, but whenever it is plucked (as the string on a violin), I find myself writing something of this order. Yesterday it was playing Mozart.
bling bling.

i wish more people would write stuff here.
bling bling.

i wish more people would write stuff here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've got nothing of relevance to say.

So who'd be up for joining waple on a road trip across the country this summer? If we take a van we can fit up to 7 people (not recommended and I don't have a van), but more than one car might also be a bad idea. I don't know a damn thing about any of my plans except they would take place in the summer and most likely hinge on me having a job lined up for the coming school year already. I would want to visit the southeast (Mississippi, etc), the northwest (so I can pee on canada), and the new england area if possible (so I can spread the news that I peed on canada).
Other than that, I really need to get a job. Why do I feel like that's painting myself into a corner? Jobs require lots of time and work and are taken to provide money. With more money comes more spending (and mo' problems* see Notorious B.I.G.). Jobs eliminate free time/post-pone it for a later date. Why not just not take a job, spend less money, and have all the free time one wants? And does anyone notice how all the people on the show The Real World now lead quite unreal lives? Every time I switch on MTV they're playing some dumbass team games for money surrounded by beautiful people on some tropical beach. The unfortunate ones give talks across the country for big bucks. Where is this a REAL WORLD? One of the many reasons I hate MTV. Moron TV (and we sometimes play noise, which some call "music"). Whores. This sucks.
And as for my dating life, my last date was with my grandma last weekend. No joke.
I can't flip off the world hard enough.
Hope everyone is well.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What I did this New Year's...

"Damn, I spent all my money on homeless people." -Thom