Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey, remember that time when Mike kicked in Rob's door?

Or that time when Brad's room was filled with balloons?

Or that time I disappeared, twice?

Or... you get the point.

I miss college.


Waple said...

about once a week something will happen that will end up reminding me of something really hilarious from smith ground. Can't remember the newest one, but yeah, I miss college too.

Cognac said...

I miss sleeping through class... at 4 pm

Cognac said...

now i just sleep through nothing

jp said...

Thom, you always had to upstage everyone by just running off.

"I'm so crazy!" you'd say. Waple does crazier things. Actually, we all did. Remember our snow angels?

Thom, you think you're so much better than everyone else; geez, jerkface. Try running in the snow naked, then we'll talk.

Waple said...

Just a word of caution to you, Palmer:

John Wayne Gacy - insane - murderer.
Jeffrey Dahmer - insane - murderer.
Thom Kudla - insane - ???

Watch out.

Thom, for the record, I've always thought you were a really pleasant guy. Then again... so did all Dahmer's neighbors. SCARY.

Hope you're well!
(I'm calling the police)

Thom said...

You guys crack me up, in a non-psychotic way. Hi-larious. Oh, and while you guys were making snow angels, I thought I was an angel at the psychiatric hospital. haha. I guess crazy means different things to different people.

Palmer... get my e-mail about March 31? Let me know the details.