Sunday, February 26, 2006


Shouldn't we add steve and ric to this? I say we not let them join till we get a 2/3 majority vote. And of course we'll need to vote on whether or not to accept or reject the 2/3 majority vote process, and given any rejections, a proposal for a new method. Only then can we vote on the additions of said members. I vote against the process, since it's an unnecessary piece of the puzzle and hence also vote against steve and ric. Mostly because voting is for losers.


Matt said...

I vote for apples.

jp said...

ohhhh, I suppose they could be let in.

Although I've invited them on multiple occasions- they just don't seem to want to sign up/check e-mail/hate us.

Something like that.

Thom said...

I vote to exercise my right not to vote.