Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How I got a new iPod for $11.14

Some of you may know that my one-year old iPod has been giving me fits for the last couple months. It's only a year old and was in previously good condition until the hard drive started going loopy on me. I have also met other people with the same generation iPod that are having the same damn problem. I was worried and wondering what I'd do without a fully functioning pod. Well. After expressing this problem to a couple of my friends, one of them alerted me to the fact that since it was purchased from CostCo, that I could simply bring it in and get a new one. Of course, I was very skeptical. He told me stories though of how friends of his had gone in with items -- old flat-screen monitors that no longer worked and walked out with two brand-spanking new monitors; even a guy with a cd he purchased there and said to them "I hate this cd" and they gave him his money back. So today, with receipt and membership card in hand, I went in, gave up my baby Murray for adoption (or so it felt), kissed him goodbye, and kissed my $304.50 (bling bling) hello. I then proceeded to high-step/dance my way around the store flaunting my money and filled out the form for my iPod. "Item #: 911614. Item description: Apple iPod music player 30 gigs of awesomeness yeah." After paying the difference of 11 american dollars I had my new iPod. Not only new, but better. It is a video iPod, 30 gigs, and replaces my uncolored 20 gig unvideo iPod. Thank GOD for CostCo. If ANYONE here is considering buying any electronics in the future and has a CostCo near them, the membership is $45 per year and that includes their super awesome warranty that lets you return any items (other than food) that suck. I'm ecstatic.
Now here is a picture of an angry black woman:

She is angry because she did not purchase her iPod at CostCo.


Cognac said...

"Roarrrr" she must be saying

Thom said...

Costco sounds incredible. Well done, Waple, you lucky bastard... oops, I didn't say that. The angry black woman said that.

Cognac said...


Brad said...

I have a similar story, only it involves Best Buy and for $48 and a trade in of my old iPod I got a Black 60gb iPod Video and a service plan that will last me another 3 years, which most likely means another dirt cheap iPod.

Let's thank the silicon gods for disposability.