Monday, February 06, 2006

Holy rusted metal!

That was the most incredible play last night, by an IU grad nonetheless. Go Steelers!


Waple said...

yes, that was just about the only exciting part about the superbowl. I was looking forward to the Stones at half time but I called that they'd play "start me up" and surely they did. And then when Jagger sang "I can't get no (satisfaction)" he most definitely was saying "so I twied, and I twied, and I twied, and I twied..." and had americanized his beautiful english accent from "satisfaction" with a "t" to "sadisfaction" with a "d". Doesn't seem so noticeable when you read about it, but he was really emphasizing the d. It was awful.
This is why the bears need to be in the superbowl. Cause they'd win and also cause they'd also be the half time entertainment -- doing the superbowl shuffle.

Thom said...

I'd want the Bears to win just so we can all start saying "da Bears" like we mean it, like we're SNL characters from a decade or so ago.