Monday, February 13, 2006


And so forth. Anyways, I'm leaving in two weeks for Alexandria, where I'll be for 2.5 months, after which I may be staying for a longer period of time in another scary country or doing whatever I can to avoid suburban America. I have a strange aluminum taste in my mouth that i have to get rid of.
So if you guys (namely you guys in Chicago) want to do something in Chicago sometime within the next 2 weeks, let's-talk-why-not. Until then, etc.


Waple said...

First of all, which Alexandria? I know there's like 20 of them or something. Secondly, what will you be doing there? Staying with a host family? Living on your own? Taking classes? Practicing languages? All the obvious questions. That's so nuts. I hope you have a great time!


Cognac said...

Alexandria in the Egypt. I'll be basically doing there the same stuff you did in the Mexico. First month they will "supposedly" train us to teach English, the second month and a half we will "supposedly" be teaching english or taking more classes. Basically i will be living in a dorm-like buiding with shared bathroom, etc. Then I will either try to get a related job in the region (i hear it's easy as long as I speak English, which i kinda do), or stay for a year in Cairo, depending on whether I get accepted at another program. Or I will be a homeless person. Or I will come back here and be bored. Who knows. Hopefully not those last two things.

jp said...

Just as long as you come back where you always walk sideways with your arms all screwy, this sounds like fun.

Have a sweet time.