Thursday, November 17, 2005

SG rocks my socks

yay I miss smith ground. Remember when I put troll versions of everyone on the wall with speech bubbles? I'm such a dork, I can't believe you guys humored me and went along with it.
I'm coming to b-town this weekend, hope to see those of you who are still there. Wooo.


Shaftymolasses said...

The Speech bubbles were awesome! I just can't remember what mine said...

jp said...

Hmm.. mine was probably something about (sigh) computers.

Waple said...

I think I remember mine simply being a curly-haired looking idiot foolishly charging at a tank yelling "aaahhhhhhh!". Sara must have run out of creativity and figured that squiggled lines atop my head were enough effort to portray me.
On a related note, John, yours did say something about computers... it said "I'm gay".
And it was hilarious.

I realize that had nothing to do with computers at all. And that I'm still 12.

shinysara said...

not true, waple you had a troll with a shirt that said "I heart chicago" and one of your speech bubbles was "I love LA, and randy newman"
Whitney's bubble said "tankity tankity tankity..."
I don't remember what john's said, except for the original joke that I put up there between whitney and john: "knock knock" "who's there" "falafel" "falafel who" "your mom"
I'm brilliant. I hope the janitors had fun reading all that before tearing it down at the end of the year.
Oh yeah, and mike's said "*snap*" haha! I actually kinda miss mike's snapping sound...