Thursday, January 10, 2008

The life of a music critic

In case you didn't know, one of the new things I'm doing at my job is writing music reviews. Through doing this, I realized the No. 1 equation regarding being a music critic: research = listening to music. It's pretty sweet. Of course, reading lyrics, biographies, and artist interviews are all important, but listening to the music is the most important part. And that's all kinds of awesome.


Waple said...

Yeah, I want that Lupe album from you. And I need to ask Brad for some of his faves from this year. I need new music like whoa. And I need a new computer that can spin CDs like whoa whoa.

jp said...

Everyone always says that getting paid to do what you love is the life. Sweet deal, dude.

Thom said...

Waple- About Lupe... Do you want me to e-mail it to you this weekend, or just get a burned CD from me a week from now?

JP- Yup, yup. It's not my ideal, but it's definitely something I enjoy. And then I can do what I love in my spare time. Yeah, we talked about this before. Awesome.

Thom said...

Actually, Waple, you should check out and friend John and I. It's pretty sweet.

Waple said...

another music site to be a member of? what's the deal, briefly?

Thom said...

-Buy music for cheap (both digital and CD, with the CDs coming in the mail the day of release).

-Upload music to an iTunes interface that works wherever there's an Internet connection so you can sync with your iPod anywhere and listen to your iTunes library anywhere.

-Trade CDs to members for $1.

-Listen to radio stations and your friend's playlists.

-Make your own playlist and, if there are enough artists in that playlist, you can put it on "radio shuffle" which automatically mixes in music you may like based on what's contained in your playlist.

In other words, it's pretty sweet.