Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'd rather go bland than taste them...

The following things I loathe to eat:
1) Plain tuna, with nothing on it except for the tuna ooze that oozes from it. I think they call it "brine with ingredients."
2) Most people, the exception being myself.
3) Anything off another person's plate. Yuck.


Waple said...

I don't know if I loathe them, but these are the things I do not like to eat:

Most fish (unless in a really good recipe)
Things with inconsistent consistencies, like when there's lots of soft stuff and then like a fucking peanut mixed in. Hate that. Plus I don't like nuts.
Stuff off the floor
Stuff off the ceiling
(But I'd still eat most food off a chick's ass - burgers, chocolate, hell - even a brussels sprout)
Mushrooms (they are a fungus and eat dead things)
Cottage cheese
Mushy grapes

Thom said...

Ben... I bet you don't mind tasting a certain appendage...

Waple said...

Wow, Thom. Really?