Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did Anyone See This Movie?

Being a movie enthusiast (at best) and a Beatles fan since childhood, I was extremely "enthused" to see this movie when it came out:

But as usual, too busy to get out to see it in theatres. Now, its DVD release date is coming up in the first week of February and I was wondering if any of you have seen it. It looks beautiful to me. My parents saw it and said they loved it as well, so I have that.


Waple said...

Yeah, I definitely did not want to see that when it came out. However, seeing the preview again makes me want to see it a little more and hate it a little less for butchering Beatles songs. And come on, did you have to name the girl Jude? Isn't that obvious? Do they also go on a magical mystery tour? Or see a band play called Sgt. Pepper's? Am I always so pessimistic?

Thom said...

I really wanted to see it until a bunch of people whose opinions I respect said it was disappointing. I'm still going to rent it though, although one of my friends said it's best in the theaters.