Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, I opened up my e-mail this morning to see an explosion of activity on this site- assuming someone had died given how much there was, I logged in only to be greatly disappointed with you all driveling on about your lives.

Kidding! I luvs it.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say. I'm still working...finally getting out of the hole on the nutso hours I've been pulling lately because I got to hire some help. Which is good. Except now I have to manage them, and half the time I feel like they look at me like "what the hell are you doing?" We moved into our new office finally as well, which is exciting because we were supposed to do that in August. We've been there for a week now and things are looking up.

In other news, I've been meeting with some guys pretty regularly about a new business concept I came up with, and we're all pretty sold. Most of my weekends have been going to being as lazy as possible or alternating with working on that. We're hoping to be able to quit our "real" jobs in 6 months, but who knows?!

Anyway. Werk werk werk. I truly understand the meaning of rat race.


Waple said...

Welcome back, John. Glad to hear the rat race is slowing down a bit. And I'm sure it's not much of a comparison, but when I took over at the summer camp last year and hired two office assistants, they also looked at me like "what the hell are you doing?" So it's okay. We got it all figured out and it was a great summer. But it's a very awkward feeling when you're all sitting around just checking email or baseball scores they definitely get a little shifty-eyed.

Is your business concept too secretive to even tell us what it's about? I'm obviously curious.

Thom said...

I second that! Welcome back to the blog! I hope you resolve to write more often like we have decided.

Oh, delegating is the best. Management came up to me last week with a budget for one of our sections and said, "Do you even want to bother with this, or should I pass it along to one of your colleagues?" Damn right he passed it along. I spent much of today listening to music and making playlists.

The business concept: If it involves fancy hotel rooms and hookers, I'll invest in it.

Thom said...

Hey, by the way, Palmer... is the Smith Ground Mansion becoming more and more likely as your new business plans get worked out? That, and did you see that I'm on LaLa now? Anything you'd like to hear from my collection? Name it, and I probably have it and I could upload it to LaLa.

jp said...

Well, this business thing it probably what I consider to be the next evolution of marketing- it's way outside of what I do right now (mostly because our business just doesn't have the clients, nor does management have the interest).

I obviously don't want to share the details in public, but I'd be happy to chat with ya'll about it.

jp said...

And yes, Thom- despite cynical comments from Wapes about the smith ground mansion- I'm still determined to do it. Once I hit that point, if you guys are still interested, we'll chat.

jp said...

Ah! So many things to respond to! Thom, what's your nickname on lala? I think everything is revolving around that when you do a member search...I tried several variations of both your first and last name, but no luck. Mine's "tenthdeity."

Thom said...

John, I already befriended you on LaLa (tenthdeity). Can't you see it? I'm just Thom.