Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I'm going to try and post more.

This blog has gone stagnant again. Maybe it's futile to keep it going in the midst of facebook and all, but I want it to live on, so I will post. Maybe this will just become my blog in the future.

School starts in five days. September 7th, to be exact. I'm totally unprepared (not totally my fault). I have read a lot this summer, but the curriculum of the course was changed by the admin like three weeks before school started, so even if I had done a lot of prep work it would have been a waste. Also, I tend to underestimate my abilities and over-worry myself. Mostly, I'm just bummed because it's so great to be so free in the summer and get personal things done (reading, organizing, etc.) that I can't do in the school year when I am swamped. And I will be swamped this year, since it's a new school and subject. I will mostly miss seeing all my friends. In addition to being overly busy, I know being in the city prevents me from seeing people as often. That sucks a lot, and I don't know what will happen to change that.

In addition, my kitchen is still non-existent. I hooked up my new fridge five days ago, and it was the first fully functional fridge my place has had in its year of existence. So it was a great relief to have an appliance hooked up at all, first of all, and secondly to have it work well. The rest of the place is in shambles - no mounted cabinets, no functional range, nowhere to sit, and a bedroom full of most of my furniture and everything else I could cram in, leaving nowhere to maneuver freely. My one place of refuge is the 10 sq. ft. around my computer. I hope that it's all done soon, like in a few weeks, ideally, so that when I'm stressed after a day of school I can come home, relax on a couch, watch TV, and make some food. All things I can't do right now.

Finally, on the new student front, I saw some of the names of the students I'll be having next year. It only took two names before one of them was named after liquor. Cavoursier. It's a misspelling, I know, but it still sounds the same. I saw some more names today. Majestic was one. It's an interesting cultural phenomenon. Maybe that would be a good name for a kid. Phenomenon. Phenomenon Waple. I actually kind of like it. And kids would call him 'Nom for short.

Anyway, I hope all's well and that those of you looking for jobs are making progress. I'll be really stressed this year, but really thankful to have a job too. Please come visit me any time.



Thom said...

'Nom, you so crazy! I hope you do continue to post. I know if you do, I'll at least read it more regularly and probably comment too.

Those student names are great. It should be an interesting year.

As for your place, I know too well ("WTF?") how in shambles it truly is. I wish you the best of luck with that.

Thom said...

P.S.-Charles is back in town soon for about a month or two. Hopefully, you can have a housewarming party and present us all, him included, with your newly remodeled place!

Waple said...

Yeah! Double birthday party again!!! I don't know if he'll be gone by then, but I hope not. I want to try to hang out with him while he's here, but I hope I'm not too busy.

Thom said...

That'd be awesome. Hopefully, you can make the time for it.