Thursday, September 30, 2010

The bad news, the good news, and the ugly news

The Bad News

It doesn't look like the job I thought I was going to get, the one that would have been permanent, will be mine after all. About a month ago someone made it sound like it was going to happen and then... nothing. And I can't afford to wait around worrying where my next paycheck is going to come from so, since my contract with them is up in a few weeks, I went on to...

The Good News

I landed a three- to four-month contract with another company. It was totally out of the blue, but perfect timing. They actually want me to start the day my other contract ends, which couldn't be more satisfying. Plus, the position offers me more opportunity to manage, which means I'll be building new marketable skills instead of doing essentially the same thing day-in and day-out.

The Ugly News

I'm still far from my ultimate goals, but I suppose I should look at the bright side: 1) I have goals and 2) I have my whole life to reach them.


Waple said...

Really sorry about the full time job thing, Thom. I am.

What will your new temp job be for? What will you be managing?

What are some of your ultimate goals?

Thom said...

I'll answer these questions the next time I see you!

Michael said...

Sorry to hear about the bad and ugly news, but at least there was good news in there.

Just remember, when life gives you lemons, you kick it in.

Thom said...

Thanks, Mike. When life gives me lemons, I tend to just make a sour face...