Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrity death pool revisited

As far as I can tell, no one on Thom and my celebrity death pool has dies this year. Now, there's still time for Dick Cheney to shoot himself in the face or have a heart attack, or for Wilford Brimley to die ironically of diabetes, it's looking like it might end up a tie.

Do we want to spurn some new interest by adding some new people to the hit list?


Thom said...

If I had Zsa Zsa Gabor on my list, which I think I did, I might win, because she's not doing so well.

I agree. Let's add to our respective lists. What do you say to five more?

Waple said...

Let's do it. And did we ever talk about $? How about $5 or 10?

Waple said...

Here are my additional five:
Stephen Hawking
Henry Kissinger
Jack LaLanne
Mickey Rooney
Ray Bradbury

Thom said...

Nancy Reagan
Betty Ford
Hugh Hefner
Billy Graham
Gloria Stuart

Let's bump it up to $10.

Waple said...


I considered Betty Ford, but if anyone knows how to live right and get treated for problems, it's her. She's a loser.

Hugh Hefner has survived sex with nine million women. Loser.

I thought Nancy was already dead.

Who's Billy Graham.

Gloria Stuart is a zombie.

Waple said...

Bad news for Douglas and Gabor is good news for Thom.



Luckily, it looks as if both will make it, for now.

Thom said...

I think I had Douglas's dad on my list, or maybe that was a list from awhile back; regardless, I should've added Michael Douglas to this last-minute addendum!

Waple said...

You're right, it was Kirk, not Michael. My mistake, And you do have Zsa Zsa on your list. That's why I'm mentioning them.