Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kings of Leon - Only by the Night

I'm sure I'm pretty behind the wagon on this one, but I finally got a listen through this album. Wow. I think each song builds and gets better than the last, when it starts out with an amazing opener. I had actually written these guys off a long time ago for some reason. Maybe my tastes are continually changing? Regardless, when I listened to it this time, I thought it was pretty damn spectacular

... but not as good as Mike and his stache.


Thom said...

You're not behind - I have yet to get into them. They were up for some Grammys this year.

Michael said...

The radio stations out here play "Sex on Fire" CONSTANTLY and it really puts me off trying to find more of them to listen to. I like the song and all and I'm sure the rest of their stuff is great, but I just feel over saturated.

Maybe I'll check this out though.

My 'stache is a very very very fine 'stache.