Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers

Why isn't anyone giving any love to April? It appears that we haven't posted anything for April and it's already been 20 days. What did April ever do to you? I mean, sharing a name with the teenage mutant ninja turtles' secret lover isn't bad, and sometimes a cleansing rain as is common during this month can be the difference between a salt-stained car in the wake of winter and a sparkling-clean pimp mobile at the start of spring. So, I implore you, show some love for April!

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Waple said...

I've been meaning to post for like a month to tell everyone about Disney World and skydiving. I just always end up not getting to it. I'm a bad blogger. I promise I will soon, blog. I check you every day in hopes of someone else posting, but not ever posting myself.