Friday, March 14, 2008

Two weeks

So, I gave my two weeks' notice yesterday. Everyone was shocked. If there are any naysayers out there, please know that I have it all worked out - I'll take a break during the months of April and May to focus on writing, reading, traveling, and relaxing (I can handle the debt of two months); then I'll start grad school full time in June for a master's in English with a teaching certificate (taking out loans if I need to, and/or working part time somewhere if I can handle it). In other words, don't worry about me; just be happy for me. ;)


Waple said...

You're not the only one. I gave Sara's two weeks' notice yesterday. Sorry, Sara. You're going to have to look for another job now. You could've done better anyway.

Good luck, Holmes. If you need money, don't go to Sara, cause remember, she's jobless too.

Sorry, Sara.

Thom said...

Eh. Money's not a big deal.

Thom said...

I mean, it's nothing I'm worried about.