Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random quotes of the arbitrary unit of time

Offered up in three flavours (Ha ha! British spelling! Take that!)

"While it's true that drinking coffee can prevent sleep, perhaps more seriously, sleeping prevents the drinking of coffee."

"If Jesus came in a blind girl's eyes, would she regain her sight?"

"Stupid is as stupid dies."

- Yes, I too, am bored at work.


Thom said...

A real-life joke from my job, in honor of Easter since past-

CO-WORKER 1: I'll probably be alone on Easter. I don't want to visit my family.

CO-WORKER 2: So, what will you do for Easter dinner? Heat up some frozen pizza or something?

ME: Yeah, the Crust is risen.

Michael said...


Someone once told me that they wanted to open a pizza place and call it "Jesus Crust".

I told them their tagline should be "It's Sacrilicious!"

We laughed, then she moved to tibet to live with her mountain man boyfriend the next week. That is a true story.

Thom said...

Not only is that a true story, but it's also an awesome story, in a somewhat sullen way.

Waple said...

I sincerely wish I had a story that could match either of yours. I'll just go back to my cross burning.