Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to stay busy during your last week of work.

-Keep listening to that one Nirvana song when Cobain sings, "You can't fire me 'cause I quit."
-Chat with awesome Smith Ground folk via Google.
-Catch up on paying bills.
-Update Facebook status a million times.
-Send random messages to people you haven't talked to in ages.
-Check on job openings.
-Find random funny shit to send co-workers.
-See what courses are offered at grad school.
-Pretend you didn't quit.
And finally...
-Update this blog.


Michael said...

That sounds like what I do when it ISN'T my last week of work.

I think I'm probably a terrible employee, and yet, I somehow get more done than anyone else around here.


Thom said...

A king among fools?

Michael said...

A foolish king who foolishly fools his foolish masters to disguise his tomfoolery.

Waple said...

My two favorite things about this post are that, 1) several of these tasks actually slow down other people's work around you and, 2) pretending you didn't quit reminds me of a hilarious Seinfeld where George tries to get a job back after realizing that his fit of rage at work that caused him to quit in the first place was unjustified. It didn't work.

Waple said...

and Mike, you're an idiot. An idiot in the company of idiots for an idiot company that idiots its idiot products to idiots across the idiot and around the idiot. Sometimes idiots call and ask idiots idiots that don't make any idiot.

If anyone understood that, you're either an idiot or really smart.