Monday, May 01, 2006

That's it, I call "uncle."

I give up. Thom, you're writing my paper for me.

It's due in 4 hours, and I'm on page 3 of 20. I can't seem to get my head going and motivation for any sort of work is out the window. This is the last big project of my college career, and it's the "big one"- my senior capstone.

No motivation. at. all.

So. Thom, I just need to you come up with a quick little 17-page bit about waveform analysis and matching with regard to audio retreival, matching, and voice identification. The demo website we used is:

If you could just e-mail that to me by 11:45 tonight, that'd be swell. That'll give me time to turn it in.

Thanks, I'm going to Yogi's.


Thom said...

Didn't get the message until now... oops. How'd that work out for you?

jp said...

Eh, I got to page 9 and stopped. Who cares, I'm graduating!

...or something.

Waple said...

hahahaha oh poor John. That really sucks. I assume you finished it at some point didn't you?
And yes, I look forward to speaking with you about the potentialities of this road trip. Soon. Who knows what we'll talk about, but I think it should probably be about assigning goals for progress.
congrats on graduating!