Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A medley

Thom's post has inspired me to give an update on my life. After the wonderful Little 500 weekend, I had an internship at the 9th Annual Chicago Improv. Festival. I worked for 5 days and had a couple complimentary workshops. I got to work backstage at a lot of really cool shows and meet all sorts of famous people, especially in the improv community, but the notent notables were: Horatio Sanz, Mo Collins, Emo Phillips, and Peter Grosz (if you know Peter Grosz, you have my respect).
Here's me with all the MadTV stars after I got to interview them. They were pointing at me cause I asked them "Who's the funniest person in America?"
It was a great week, though busy and filled with lots of commuting my first Chicago parking ticket ($50 fucking dollars for forgetting to write a date on my parking pass), and trucking around lots of fluids including beer, water, and Red Bull, as they were sponsoring the Festival.
I also got some good news yesterday that Oak Park high school has a Psychology position open. I am going in to speak to them Wednesday morning so hopefully I'll get offered a position. It'll probably be part time, but still something I'll consider as it's in the area of Chicago that I want to live in and if I can get a full time position later it'll totally be bad ass. Temporarily, I also got a new serving job as the restaurant I'm in now is closing. I'll be working at Arlington Racetrack and getting shift pay rather than tips! I'll make 144.50 for a 9 hour shift and the best part is that I'll be out by 7pm, meaning I'll finally get to have a consistent social life. Hooray! The bad news is that orientation was sunday morning from 9-3 and I COMPLETELY forgot about it. I'm a jerk.
Here is a photo of me from Little 5 weekend, getting down with my buddy Pringles. Fact: I was not drunk.

And here's Rob. Fact: Rob was drunk. Notice the wet spot. Fact: Rob is not graduating.


Thom said...

Congrats on the new job prosect, the new job, and the comedy stuff! I can't believe you chilled with the Mad TV folks! Anyways, Rob's not graduating? Who would've thought? :)

jp said...

When IS Rob graduating?

Waple, sounds like a freaking awesome time. Looking forward to talking to you, probably next week, to plan for the summer. I'd love to hear more about it then..

Matt said...

IE: Best Buy

Is there a Chicago chapter?

Waple said...

A friend sent me that! I thought it was a hilarious idea. I don't think there's a Chicago chapter, but I wish there was.
I think my favorite part was the photo of the two "employees" casually passing each other on the escalator.

Oh boredom.

jp said...

...word on the street is that Rob HAS, in fact, now graduated. Where's he going now? It'll be a little like "where's waldo?"

Waple said...

He has graduated. I might as well just burn my degree, cause they're giving them out to anyone now.
He's going to MSU.

And I just lost 100 bucks on online poker in an hour. I'm super pissed.
Fuckin christ.