Friday, May 19, 2006

Remember when I ordered pizza for the first time all by myself, sophomore year? I was so proud of myself I kept the receipt and it's still in my room somewhere right now. Actually, I think I only ordered pizza one time after that, I still get super nervous everytime I have to pick up the phone.
But since graduating college, I have consistently ordered pizza every wednesday night (it's part of my job at the teen center, wednesday is free pizza night), I've been calling dominoe's so much I even have their phone number memorized! Ohhh how I've grown up. Maybe one of these days I'll conquer my fear of ordering other types of food too, like sandwiches, or ooooooo maybe even chinese food! mmmmm. One day.


Waple said...

Yes, college was a learning experience for all of us. Some of us learned important things, like, a major. Others played catch-up and were mocked accordingly, such as Sara's other-worldly ignorance as to the protocol of ordering one of America's most consumed entrees. I assume I am not alone when I say that I shall never forget that.
It makes me think, what did I learn in college that I should have learned before?
Possibly how to drink. Possibly that snow is cold, but colder when only clothed in a pair of boxers. Or maybe the simple fact that I should've tried to stay as long as I could.
We all have our mistakes. Congrats on tackling one them to the ground, S. Monster. Look forward to seeing you this week.


Cognac said...

Speaking of ordering food. In the elevator up to the 14th floor of my apartment building, a delicious delivery man made out with me and proceeded to "please himself to completion" in the stairwell. I supposed I have changed since sophmore year as well.

Thom said...

That's awesome, Sara! And Andrew, some very true observations. Ben... you're such a slut!!! :)