Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lupe Fiasco concert

Lupe Fiasco
@ The Congress Theater
Friday, October 31

Doors 6:00 pm
All Ages
$27.50 advance
$30.00 day of show

It's kind of expensive, but The Congress Theater is pretty great. Is anyone interested in this Halloween show?


jp said...

I'm so popular, I'm going to like fifteen halloween parties that weekend.

Maybe if I dress up as Lupe Fiasco that'll sort of be like going.

Thom said...

If you do that, the party will be wherever you're at, because you'll be a superstar.

Waple said...

I don't think I'm interested. I like Lupe and quite a few songs, but there are too many songs of his that don't appeal to me. So I think the price would have to be right.