Friday, July 11, 2008

Vampires and Bloody Marys (Maries?)

So it has been a festering desire of mine for some time to have a dracula party. I was supposed to have this party several months ago, but it was sidelined for an "under the sea" party, which actually turned out to be more of an "at sea" party with pirates and rum, or at least one Norwegian fisherman (would-be pirate) and one bottle of rum but actually more vodka.
By dracula party I don't mean people biting each other and drawing blood, and I certainly forbid those fringe-Goths who actually think they are vampires... which leaves us only with two things:

1. Bloody Mary's/Marys/Maries
2. Thick accents (particularly the W being replaced with V).

If these two things can be accomplished in one party, it will qualify as a dracula party.
So when are we going to have this dracula party?


Thom said...

I vote for... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Waple said...

Ben's so goddamn weird.

I also hate Bloody Marys.

If we want to just party can we get together and make the bloody mary requirement optional?

shinysara said...

this sounds hilariously awesome, you know I'm all about theme parties!!!

Cognac said...

actually I don't like Bloody Marys either, I had them once and wasn't sure if I should eat the celery so I switched to gin and tonic and then rum and then was described as "a bit delicate last night" the next day.
so i don't really care but i will try to bring a cape or at least a nice scarf. or hell let's just go with waple's idea of a party and period.
i think dracula would say "vaple." sorry i had to say that.

Thom said...

Count me in, but only if it's still a Dracula party regardless of bloody marys.

Waple said...

Thom, was that a pun when you were talking about counting? I just thought of Count von Count of the Muppets.

Also, I have a Dracula cape. I'm willing to host this party if no one else is.

shinysara said...

yay I'm so excited I love dressing up!! We should at least attempt to make our own version of bloody marys that actually taste good, even if it just involves adding red food coloring to vodka or something. We can call them bloody bens.

Thom said...

Yeah Bloody Bens! Party at Waple's! Let's do this. I'll be in Indiana most of next weekend. How about the weekend after?

Randall said...

Bloody Mary:

2oz vodka
6oz tomato juice
2 dashes of worcestershire
pinch of black pepper
pinch of celery salt
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
Tabasco sauce to taste

Pour the vodka over ice in a highball glass. Combine the other ingredients in a jug, then add the mix to the vodka. (Celery stick is optional).

I'm glad this "American Bartender's Handbook" is getting some good use :)

Thom said...

Randall, is it tasty?

Waple said...

Hi Randy!

Randall said...

Hello, hello. I'll thank Thom for introducing me to the Smith Ground blog. Even though I was not a member of Smith Ground, I was lucky enough to share some adventures with you all.

Yes Thom, the Bloody Mary is quite tasty!

Michael said...

I don't think I've ever had a bloody mary, though I must confess I"m not a huge fan of tomato juice.

Thankfully, with the addition of grenadine, almost any drink can be "bloody" without the stigma of tomato juice. Hooray!