Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mind bending video

I'm not going to preface this one with much, as it's best watched from a blank point of view. But ... uh... yeah. It's wild.

More than a little creepy at times, as well. Do not watch if in an altered state of consciousness or if you're mentally unfit.


Waple said...

I wouldn't say it was mind bending. More just weird. You kind of got what was going on after about 2 minutes. Regardless, I wasn't totally clear on whether that was really done by painting on a wall. Was it? Seemed more logical that it was done with aid of a computer.

Michael said...

It was done as a stop motion video, essentially. The images were painted frame by frame on walls. You can see the leftover outlines of the previous drawings in some of the shots, and the whole whitewash afterimage the pictures leave.

Thom said...

I'm mentally unfit and will be unable to watch this.