Monday, May 12, 2008

Is anyone else concerned about what's going on with the weather across the world?


Waple said...

Not yet, but it is freaky that we've had an earthquake here, and a tornado A MILE WIDE in the lower Midwest states. A MILE WIDE TORNADO. I've never heard of such a thing.

As for the big stuff out east? That's called Darwin's Law. Harsh, but true. If that stuff happened here we would've found a way to make money off of it.

Michael said...

People who live near water are asking to get drowned or eaten by sharks, clearly, but yeah, the whole weather/disaster thing is a bit worrying.

It's like some giant cosmic hand keeps typing "F U N D" over and over again, whilst we below wait with bated breath for the next great catastrophe...*

* for those of you who don't get this, you probably did things like "sports" and "had friends" when you were in elementary and middle school. Losers.