Friday, May 16, 2008

the brother

My brother is moving out in a week or two and I want to have a celebration. Anyone want to do anything in the next weekend or two? It'd probably involve drinking, but really I'm just thinking it'd be something to reclaim the basement, which for the past year has been covered in my brother's dirty clothes, blankets, tossed couch cushions, and dirty dishes. He's a big slob. One time I even went down there when he wasn't and saw porn playing on his computer. You know, it's like we all get off on porn, but when it's proven to you somehow that it's actually going on it's made a lot more gross. All that is going away.

And Thom, I keep forgetting to give you back Mean Girls. Next time we get together, I think you need to come here instead of the other way around, so I don't feel guilty about forgetting anymore. Also, I still have to give you a couple albums.


Thom said...

I think this is a great idea. Next Friday (May 23) or two weeks from today (Saturday) work best. I should be flexible, though.

Michael said...

You know I'm all over this.