Monday, February 07, 2011

Three Decades

This summer, I will turn 29. I'm almost 30. If I'm still where I am now in terms of my accomplishments and my life next year, I fear that I'll die from despondency. Seriously, though, I realize life isn't all about achievements, but I never want to feel unfulfilled or at least left with the feeling that I could have done more in the time I was given. There are many things I have done in my life so far that I'm proud of, but it is not enough to quench my thirst for accomplishment. It's almost like an addiction. Anyway, I guess if I ever did feel completely fulfilled, life wouldn't really feel like it's worth living anymore. I suppose my lack of fulfillment is actually a driving force for me to be ambitious and do better. What about you all? Are you satisfied with where you are now in your life?


Waple said...

I absolutely dread my 30s, mostly for the reason that I'm not sure I'll be even close to married. While I have always thought, "I'm sure I'll get married at a normal age", now that that time is nearing and I hardly ever date, it makes me think that by the time I'm 30 I'll just be really stressed if I'm not going on a date a week. I think this is my biggest concern.
Other than that, I feel generally satisfied with where I'm at in life, but still concerned I'm never doing enough.
I think the best part about your post, Thom, is that you're aware of the fact that you need to continue pushing. So many people are satisfied where they are, and it's the people that keep pushing that will eventually come out on top. You're doing what you have to do right now - working wherever you can, saving up money, and continuing to get interviews. It's only a matter of time till it clicks into place. And the more connections you make along the way, the more likely you will end up getting a full-time job.
There's also the hope that one day one of us will be a multi-millionaire who will pull us all out of the muck. I know I would, if I was a millionaire. Maybe we should start working on our best business ideas together and seeing which one can actually generate some income. Shall I share mine?

Thom said...

When it comes to marriage and family and stuff like that, us guys are lucky; we don't really have a biological clock ticking like our female counterparts. I wouldn't get too concerned with it.

I'm glad you're feeling satisfied. I miss that feeling.

Thanks for the pick-me-up. It is true: Avoiding complacency is important.

Let's make the next multimillion-dollar business. But let's not post the ideas here; someone might steal them.

shinysara said...

I'm actually kinda looking forward to turning 30. Most people say it's way better to be 30 than 20 because you have a better idea of who you are and what you want and you're more comfortable with yourself and confident.

I definitely feel like I'm not getting anywhere or accomplishing anything sometimes. I still think it's so odd that matt and I started dating the day after I lost my job. It's like I can only be successful in my romantic life or career, but I can't have both at the same time.

Like Waple said, I just try to have faith that it'll all click together eventually, good things are bound to happen to me if I keep working hard, right?? Karma???

Thom said...

Things are going to be awesome for all of us in every facet of our lives. Just you wait...