Monday, July 12, 2010

Steve's Wedding

I can't wait for the debauchery of this coming weekend. This is one time I'm glad Steve is getting married. Bloomington makes my soul happy, even though I sold it to Thom.


shinysara said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures! I'm sad I'm missing it :-(

Waple said...

Me and Mark were playing Boggle tonight, Sara. If you're wondering who won, let me put it this way: He wished you were there. It was a pretty ugly beating.

How's all by you? It's been too long again.

shinysara said...

I've been playing boggle on the computer and on the ipad a lot, so I think I've gotten even better, if at all possible.

Not much new with me, still unemployed, but at least now I have the chicago summertime to distract me from stressing out about it too much. We should plan a get together when you guys get back from the wedding.

Waple said...

Did you get an iPad or is it Matt's? Is it cool? I think what you're saying is that you are challenging me to Boggle. You must be a masochist. I accept.

Sorry you're still unemployed. I'd love to get together after we get back and hang out.