Monday, May 24, 2010


I instead got my hands on this lovely 45:
It cost a little more, but the cool news is it came with a letter of appraisal from the foremost Beatles autograph expert who valued it at $3000 more than what I paid! And it's a lot cooler than just a piece of paper. If you're nice to me I'll let you lick it some time.

In other news, I finally got a cell phone. Ben, I need your number. Mike told me he got a call from you the other day and I thought you were still out of the country. So I don't know what the right way to reach you is, but I want your number so I can drunk dial you.

Also, renovations on my condo will hopefully start sometime this June and finish in July. I hope you all can come down and spend some fun times in the city with me this summer. If you need any reasons, here's the best one: I live a mile from a beach. It'd be really fun to have a day at the beach and then come back and hang out in the city, have dinner, drink, and play video games. Raise your hand if that sounds good. Both of mine are up.

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Michael said...

I want to touch it.