Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's hear it for the blog!

The rebirth of this blog was not just a brief, one-time thing! We posted over a hundred times in 2008! Hooray for continued friendship! In case not everyone sees it though, I will respond for most:
Thom: I'm a writer! What do you expect!?
Mike: I need somewhere to vent my frustrations at the world/ostrich raptors.
Ben: Caw!
John: Bleep. Bloop. Blip. Windows error: 404.
Sara: This blog needs to be more sparkly for me to frequent it more.
Randall: I'm too busy snowboarding, taking pictures, "architecturing" to check this blog.
Weinberg: We only have internet access in two places in Kansas City: the Internetmobile that inconveniently provides roaming service away from your home, and the library that provides internet service at a geriatric pace of a 14.4 modem. It takes longer to load a page than it does to draw it.
Brad: I'm just too busy banging my hot girlfriend that Waple hasn't even met.

There you go. That's everyone's explanation.


Michael said...

I mean, COME ON. Raptor Ostriches? This movie is @#(%*^ing retarded.

Randall said...

Haha, that IS me! :)

Thom said...

Well done, Sir!

laurensummer said...

Don't EVEN get me started on the Internetmobile!

jp said...

Windows error 404 doesn't even make SENSE!! GEEZ NOOB TEH ROXORS L33T PWNED!!!