Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jay-Z + Radiohead = JAYDIOHEAD!!

Oh man!! A coworker just shared this stuff with me. In the spirit of Dangermouse's "Grey Album" and "Jay-Zeezer," I give you "Jaydiohead."

It's free, although throttled download:

Rock on.


Waple said...

That is SWEET. Thanks, Johnboy.

Thom: what Radiohead song is being used in song #8? Help me, cause I don't recognize it.

Thom said...

I'm not sure. There were a few I wasn't sure about, but I do know that #7 is "Up on the Ladder" off the "In Rainbows" b-sides. Brad, care to help?

Waple said...

after listening to the whole jaydiohead track, I googled some lyrics and found that it's a song called "Gagging Order." It apparently used to be called "Move Along" as well. The greenplastic site has a little to say about it as well as some other interesting recent radiohead videos to watch.

jp said...

Well done, Hardy Boys.