Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm indecisive

I'm contemplating moving out of my house. I have a friend who rents a house in Mount Prospect and has extra bedrooms and said I could live with her. Here are the pros and cons:

Pros: -moving out will make me feel like an adult
-it would vastly improve my social life as I would get to hang out with her more and all her friends
-plus all my friends in my general vicinity have recently moved away so I am lonely
-and she has a beer pong table and bonfire pit in her backyard and likes to throw parties
-it's closer to waple and mike
-I wouldn't have to worry about calling my mom if I'm gonna be home late
-I wouldn't have to tell my parents where I'm going and when I'll be back every time I leave the house
-I could have boys over without worrying about my parents walking in
-rent is relatively cheap and I can afford it
-I don't wanna be 30 and still at home and single
-it's fun to decorate a new room

Cons: -I would have to start paying for rent and food
-it would make my commute to work slightly longer, as there is no direct route
-it's not near public transportation, making it more difficult to get into the city
-it's not near the beach
-I'd have to learn a new neighborhood, find a new jogging route, gym, mall, grocery store, etc.
-change is hard and I'm lazy and unmotivated
-I'm comfortable where I am and get along fine with my parents

Sigh, I just don't know what to do. It's not the ideal location, but I also feel like I shouldn't pass up this opportunity. Maybe I should just set a date and do it, or else I'll keep procrastinating forever and I'll never move out.


Thom said...

Do it! Move in with your friend. Consider it a "next step" in your life. Once you challenge yourself to give this move a shot, then you'll be surprised at what else you can do. Like you suggested, it's almost now or never.

Cognac said...

I agree with thom. Once you have the freedom of your own place, you will ask how you ever did without it.

Waple said...

I suppose you can also just move back temporarily if you don't like it.

My thoughts, since I'm in a similar bag as you in regard to wanting to move out:
You have to do it sometime, and you may not find an ideal situation like this very often.
An improved social life makes up for a lot of the negatives.
Moving out and becoming an adult is fun, and paying for rent and food is a small price to pay (especially if it's cheap like you say)
I assure you there are tons of malls, jogging routes, and all that other stuff in Mt. Prospect.
You may be comfortable now with your parents, but it's time to start looking ahead.
Also, I remember you saying you don't plan to stay at your job for much longer than a year, right? So the commute won't be bad for that long and when you look for a new job you can look for one in the city (where I might be living in a year).

Michael said...

Do it, Sara. If for no other reason than you'll be closer to Andrew and Thom and I. Plus being grownup and living alone and being sad all the time is totally awesome.

Uh. I mean, living on your own and being a grownup is awesome. It is, really. If for nothing else than the freedom to wander around in your underwear with reckless abandon.

If you're living with a housemate this may be less of an option, but it's still quite gratifying.

shinysara said...

OK I'm doing it! thanks for all your encouragement! I called my friend last night and told her I'm in! So as of sometime in september my address will be 109 Audrey Lane, Mount Prospect! You guys better come to my house warming party!!!!

Michael said...

Serve tiny breads or quiches and I'm totally there.

Thom said...

Sweet! Party at Sara's new place!!!

Brad said...

I guess I'm a little late on this one, but I would have said the same thing as everyone else. You are definitely not lazy. You are the only one of us that has gone on and completed grad school! Now it's time to have your own shiny bachelorette pad!

Danger said...


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