Saturday, August 16, 2008

Burnt Orange!

Burnt orange is the color in Texas, so I suppose it is almost like a mating of Indiana's "Cream and Crimson," actually that would probably be more of a pink, but let us suppose! So if the cream had been left in the sun for a few days, it would turn into a rankish yellow, and crimson is pretty much just red in poetry language, so that would give us red + yellow = orange. There.

Oh and by the way Texas has dinosaur footprints on campus! How about that! (It looks like it is sealed behind bullet-proof glass to protect it from the creationists).


Thom said...

Hahaha! "crimson is pretty much just red in poetry language." Indeed.

So, Ben, are you happy to be messing with Texas?

Waple said...

I only needed to read a half sentence to recognize this as a Ben post. It's like he leaves his own footprints like the dinosaurs did, and that also probably will try to be squelched by creationists. I imagine Ben could be offensive to them.

jp said...

This post made me feel all warm in my heart. Beautiful wordsmithing.