Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ours concert update

Tim has been trying to get tickets a couple times and the place is just hardly ever open and they never answer their phone. I actually am possibly going to be there Sunday night just by coincidence, the night before the concert. If I am, I will see if I can get tickets there for us and then I'll let you know either way on Monday ASAP about whether or not I got them. This is all depends on if Tim gets them first.


Thom said...

Good plan.

Waple said...

Looks like TicketMaster wins again. Tim finally got there when it was open and they don't sell tickets there. THE WORLD DOESN'T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE.

So basically, that means when they say tickets are $18 in advance, they're ACTUALLY 24.50 each because of the service charges that they apply. God, I really hate ticketmaster. The other option is this: we buy the tickets at the door, as advertised, for 20 bucks. If I end up going there Sunday night as I mentioned I might, then I'll ask someone if it's pretty sold out or if it's probably possible to get tix at the door.

Thom said...

I checked Ticketmaster, and it looks like many tickets are still available. Go ahead and check on the specifics Sunday.