Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama-Clinton debate last night

It wasn't bad enough that the moderators kept focusing on the "elitist" remarks that Obama made within the last week or the preacher with the controversial ideas... the Pennsylvanians had some pretty ridiculous questions themselves, such as, "Why don't you believe in the flag?" Huh? If you don't wear a flag lapel, you're unpatriotic? It was ridiculous when it first was brought up last year, and now it's just pathetic to address in a public debate. I wish the American public cared about what matters.


Michael said...

The question of "what's wrong with the American people" probably isn't something that can be answered in the space of a blog response.

Michael said...

Here's something to consider:

More people have vote for the winners of "American Idol" than have EVER voted for ANY American president.

Michael said...

In case you don't believe me:

Also, I fail at not hitting "publish" instead of "preview"