Thursday, April 24, 2008

I feel overdue to do something crazy

I was reminded today when an old friend facebook'd me, how long its been since I've done anything interesting. I don't mean like "gone to a baseball game" or "seen an interesting movie".

I mean like "going to the nevada desert for a week at Burning Man with two girls i've never met in person before" or "spending a weekend with a bunch of strangers in Pennsylvania at some meet that turned out to be at a secret Swingers Lodge in the hills".

This guy was my best friend for ages. We grew up together, spent all our time together. Right now he's in Norway, after living for a while in Argentina. He races hot air balloons. There's a picture of him on facebook of him hanging out with a tiger that's bigger than he is. Every time I talk to him he's either in a new country, starting a new business (that always fails, but that's another matter), or planting his flag on some other odd new conquest.

Me? The highlights of my days are still when I manage to get through traffic without waiting for 15 minutes at Schaumburg road.

I've been feeling listless. Restless. Like I need to do something, and if I don't do something soon it's all going to explode into a spontaneous trip to Siberia where I try my hand at being a miner for a while.

Surely I'm not the only person who gets like this? Or are you all content with your stations in life?

Does anyone want to go skydiving? Seriously.


Thom said...

Amsterdam sounded like a good idea.

I definitely know what you mean. I usually temper it by simply going on random vacations. But if you want to do something crazy... well, I know how to be crazy, but I'm not sure about doing crazy things.

Waple said...

Don't know if you need much preaching from me. My only problem is that I just am too sensible to go and waste money or take big risks. It might be my biggest fault, come to think of it. Tell you what, Mike, if you can find out some stuff about Amsterdam, like if a living wage is really the minimum wage and other basic stuff like that, I'll seriously consider it.

Brad said...

If you guys move to Amsterdam I'll come visit you when I come to see my sister in the fall!

Thom said...

Wha???? Megan's going to Amsterdam?

Brad said...

Megan is studying in Utrecht, The Netherlands from August - December. I'm hoping to go hang out with her while she is there.