Sunday, February 10, 2008

ah crap

My mom just asked me if there was anything interesting coming up at Viator, to which the answer is always "no." However, after I thought about it a minute more, I remembered that the turnabout dance is coming up and basically all new teachers have to chaperon it. Well, I feared that this conflicted with your party, Thom, and it does. If I can't get someone to switch with me, which will be based on luck alone, I wouldn't be able to make it until about 11:45. I'm not happy about it, but hopefully when I email the faculty this week someone will be able to switch out with me. That is, unless anyone reading this blog wants to be me for the night and chaperon for me. All you do is stand around, and I'm 100% serious. Sorry, Thom. I blame the kids.


Thom said...

You know the party won't end until 5 a.m., right? Sara's showing up late, and countless others won't be there for a while... (my co-workers won't be there until 11:30, for instance).

Waple said...

I got out of the dance commitment. Hooray! Mike, if you want to go with me, that'd be good.

Thom said...