Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hmm... so i have a year before grad school and what should i do with myself or whatever?
I think I am still in Cairo right now, and i think my funding runs out soon, and then i will probably subsist on coffee and pastrami for a few months, then maybe start eating myself... yumm... androphogeablicious.
So what is everyone doing to survive in post-college? What would you recommend? More coffee? Less coffee? Roast beef instead of pastrami? Cat food? (mmm...)


Thom said...

Ben!!! Where are you going to grad school? Where are you going after wherever you are now? How has all that been over there?

Here's my advice regarding post-college life: Energy drinks are a nice change of pace from coffee (although so's cocaine...) Um, having a job helps. Having a girlfriend... nevermind. Butt sex!

Waple said...

Same questions as Thom, Ben. And how many languages are learning and know now? Are you in any danger in Cairo?

I wouldn't take any advice from me on what you should do before grad school, cause I'd just say work in a restaurant. And that sucks. I did that and a couple other things until I finally got a teaching job this year. After this year is done, I'm going to move out ASAP and find a job in the city, hopefully. I'm getting frustrated living at a home.
I hope all's well with you.