Monday, August 21, 2006


Hi!!! look, I cut up all my old IU shirts that I never wear and sewed them into an awesome blankey!!!

The reverse side is made out of shirts from high school. I don't know how I've had time to do this, since I've been psychotically busy lately. I've had a super fun summer as a camp counselor at 2 different camps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, plus still working at the Warming House (teen drop-in center) a couple nights a week. But this week camp comes to an end and I start orientation for SCHOOL!!! Classes officially start on monday, I'm kinda excited, kinda nervous about the workload. I'll be in class 8am-2pm monday and wednesday, I'm doing an internship at Catholic Charities doing foster care services (checking up on kids in homes, supervising parent visits, helping parents win their kids back in court, etc.) tuesdays and thursdays, I have to work 7 hours a week for the university for part of my scholarship 'cause I'm a graduate assistant, and I'll still be working at the Warming House probably 5 hours a week. Not to mention homework and social time with my chicago homies. So things will probably be a little crazy.
But it's all good 'cause Christina Aguilera's new cd came out last week and it's sooo awesome, and Danity Kane's cd comes out Aug. 22!!! For those of you who don't follow making the band 3, Danity Kane is the name of the girl group Diddy put together, and they're the best band ever. And Justin has a new cd coming out soon too!!!!!! Yay!
Plus thom, waple, mike, and rob and I are going to see Wicked sept. 30th, so excited to see everyone!!!
Hope everyone's well!


Waple said...

That's a really awesome blanket. Even if I wanted one of those I don't have the skills to make one. That's why I'm offering you $8,000 for yours. That's right. Eight thousand. I won't take no for an answer.
Best of luck at Social Work School. I'm jealous that you'll be at grad school without me, but hopefully you won't be too busy to see a Waple once or twice a year. I'll be thinking about you come Monday! And I'm really excited for Wicked and co.

jp said...

Of course, the majority of the love you're wrapping yourself in there is COLLINS CYCLING.

I think you were our biggest fan. Although that's a tough challenge.

shinysara said...

geez, who wouldn't be a fan of boys in spandex??! :-)

Waple said...


Michael said...

I love boys in spandex