Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's a mee! Mar.. er.. Mikeeoo!

Call me cueball

So I've probably been one of the more delinquent members of the Gee when it comes to posting about what I'm doing (since I haven't) and keeping in touch (seeing as I don't, unless you live near me and invite me to something). But look! I'm posting now! Yay! Yay? Yay! I'm out in the 'burbs of chicagoland, about 15 minutes away from Andrew and Thom, 45 minutes or so from Sara (maybe? Sara, invite me to your house sometime so I can see how far away it is), living the high life.

No, it's not that i'm rich or anything. I just happen to live on the top floor of my apartment building. Ha HA! Comic genius!

I'm working for, of all things, a Japanese Model Train Company, doing advertising and warehouse work etcetera etcetera. I'm not going to be a millionaire or a thousandare, but it pays the bills and pays for my monthly alcohol purchases. Bonus! I guess it pays for food too, but meh.

Oh. And in case you didn't guess from the blinding light emanating from that shiny round thing in the picture above, I have no hair. Yes, after years of bitching about how I was going to go bald, I just said "screw it" and shaved it all off. Whee!

Anyway, I'll try to make an effort to read and publish on here more than once ... ever... I make no promises. Anyhoo. I miss everyone! If you're ever in the chicago area, drop by and give me a visit. Yes, that includes you, Andrew, Thom, and Sara. You have no excuse! Visit constantly!

Michael - signing out.


jp said...

Good to hear how you're doing- keeping up is something we all have to do, otherwise we'll all fall out of touch forever!

I love the new 'do (or lack thereof)- it'll be crazy to see it in real life.

jp said...

Oh, and also. You should redo the Kato website. It's functional, but wayy ugly.

Michael said...

Trust me, I know.

We're working on it.

-- can't remember my damn blogger account password. blar.