Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thank you, Waple

For still posting... I literally forgot this blog existed. How sad. In reviewing the posts I've missed, I have laughed out loud many times. Thanks for that.

We need to have a Collins reunion of sorts, maybe even in Bloomington. Everybody and not just the Chicagoans. Do I have to publish a book to make this happen? Fine, then I will...

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Andrew Waple said...

Well, at this point I think blogs are just outdated. No one uses them unless they're a really popular writer or something, and no one reads them because we've got so many other ways to share out thoughts with those we care about these days. Still, I post mostly for my own amusement.

I don't think the blog has died because of a lack of cohesion among us Collinsites, though it's obviously hard to stay as close as we once were. The blog has died because blogs have basically died, like typewriters, and dinosaurs, and old people.

I do support your idea to get together, of course. I think the best way to arrange that would be through an email. Until then, I'm glad you have laughed at the few posts I've made the last few months. Looking forward to Nershvel with you.